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1. Preliminary resolutions.
The condition of the purchase in an internet wholesale is acceptance of regulations.
The owner of the internet wholesale website is the company website Sp. z o.o.

Place of performance of the seller is:
Hurtownia Wholesale company
ul. Brzezina 18
44 - 177 Chudów

Tax Identification Number (VAT EU): PL9691557921
REGON: 241341088
National Judicial Register KRS: 0000338860

The wholesale company is set mainly to wholesale recipients, dealing with the further resale of goods, therefore prices will be available only to registered and logged on customers. A minimum amount of the shopping in the wholesale company is 250 PLN (~60 EUR) net.

2. Registration in the system.
Any customer who wants to purchase in our wholesale, must be registered. The registration in the system takes place in two stages.
• First, the customer fills out a registration form, in which must provide the basic data. The data is verified by our system and by our sales consultants. Registration itself does not so automatically grant access to the procurement system.
• After successful verification, the client receives information on how to activate the account - by mail or by phone. From this moment the client can place orders.

3. Data management in the panel.
After log on to the system, the customer has an access to his data, to the history of his orders, a possibility of the edition of this data and a possibility of changing of password.

4. Individual price level
The customers will make purchases at different prices of the same product. Receive the lowest price is possible for those customers, who will order goods in large quantities, usually packaged in multipacks like cartons. A little higher price will be paid by those customers who place orders occasionally, in small quantities. Of course any time you can go to another level of prices, depending on the development of our cooperation. For each commodity to simplify there is an information given about the multipack. Tentatively every customer who registers will receive a basic level of prices, because it can not be assumed, in what quantities he will make shopping. In the case of frequently large quantities orders, the price level will be reduced for subsequent orders.

5. Placing and finalizing an order.
When the customer finishes reviewing an offer and adds a product or several products to an order, he goes to his panel or shopping cart. After going into the details of the contract the client may adjust the amount of ordered products, he can return to shopping or complete the transaction. It is neccessary to select the form of delivery and method of payment to place an order. After the customer completes these steps, he will see a "next" button to be moved to the rest part of the order, where the contents of the contract must be confirmed by pressing the "confirm" button. In the last window, the address should be selected so that we know where to ship the order. If it has to be different address than the default one, it is possible to go to the page where the customer can enter additional address or edit previously given. There is also the possibility of going back to the shop, changing orders, etc. The final step is to press the "Execute an order" button, which erase the contents of the shopping cart and save the order. At the same time there will be sent the message with confirmation of order to the email address provided in the customers Panel.

6. Cancelation of an order.
The order can be canceled at the request of the customer within 7 days from the date of order on the Suppliers’ website (our Wholesale Company), provided that the package of the contract has not yet been forwarded to the courier company. When the client decides to cancell the order after 7 days of placing it he will be charged 10% of the order value. This penalty is the handling charge of remarket of goods to the store house and other costs associated with the preparation and service of a canceled contract. In cases where the customer does not collect the ordered package with cash on delivery, he will be charged for both ways transport costs to the customer, that means to the client and back to the office of our wholesale company and handling charges in the amount of 50 zł. (Handling charges are the costs which consist of: the preparation time of the package, usage of transport materials, the time of making out an invoice, receipts, and any other activities that make up the development of the whole proces of order from the moment it is taken for the implementation until it is transferred to the courier company, and the costs of unpacking once more and re-adoption to the magazine).

7. Payment Methods.
Cash, pre-payment on the account or paid withcash on delivery when receipt the package.

8. The cost of delivery.
The transportation costs shall be borne by the Purchaser. The cost of delivery is dependent on the package. The customer can also realise personal receipt of goods in the headquarters of our company.

9. The term of delivery.
Delivery will be realised within 7 working days. In the case of choosing Courier company (additionally paid) received goods should be checked in the presence of the courier - this is the only basis for the complaint of transport damage.

10. Complaints.
Products are subject to the complaint in the case of defective product only. According to the rules of law, all products offered in the wholesale company are covered by warranty for manufacturing defects of the purchased product. The entire procedure of investigation of the guarantee takes place on the basis of the relevant regulations of the civil code. If it happens that after receipt of goods there will be manufacturing defects on it or it will be damaged mechanically during the delivery, the purchaser is obliged to inform the seller immediately and in case of impossibility of repair on the spot, to send back the purchased goods to the representative office of the company. There should be the description of a defect included to the package and also description of the place of defect appearance. The warranty does not cover defects caused by improper installation or usage of the product in defiance to its intended purpose. A VAT invoice or a receipt are enclosed with every consigment which is the only basis of the guarantee. The company Sp. z o.o. has 14 days to make a decision and inform the purchaser how to settle the complaint.

11. Privacy notice.
Please be informed that your personal data is stored in the company database:
Hurtownia Sp. z o.o.
ul. Brzezina 18
44 - 177 Chudów

This data will be used only for the purposes of executing the order and for marketing purposes by Sp. of o.o.. Registration to the shop is an agreement to receive marketing materials via e-mail or post.

12.1. The Company reserves the right to:
a. change the prices and quantities of goods in the offer of the shop during the day,
b. withdraw particular products from an online store offer at the website address,
c. Release new products to an offer of an online store at the website address,
d. carry out and apply all kinds of promotions and sell outs.
12.2. In cases not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code are complied.
12.3. The agreement of sale of goods is drawn up according to polish law and is prepared in polish language.
12.4. The competent court for any disputes arising from the contract of sale is the court competent for the defendants’ premises or the court competent for the place of performance of executing the contract. Not to comply with rules mentioned above will result in breaking off the cooperation and loosing the possibility of usung phptpgraphs and product descriptions. descriptions.

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